Marble Kare USA®

Company History

Kevin Ressler
Kevin Ressler, Founder & President
"We have built our reputation on Honesty, Integrity, and 100% Customer Satisfaction."

Established in 1988, Marble Kare USA® specializes exclusively in complete maintenance for natural stone and tile surfaces in residential and commercial properties..  Whether floors, walls, or countertops; Marble Kare USA® has the expertise and the products to do the job right. The services we provide include diamond polishing, polishing, cleaning and sealing, and maintenance.  Whether a client needs a bathroom counter or shower wall sealed, a table top polished, or an entire floor diamond polishing, Marble Kare USA® is equipped and ready for the job.   At Marble Kare USA® we have taken great pride over the years to ensure top quality workmanship and consistent customer service and satisfaction.  These efforts have earned us a reputation as an industry leader. Our service technicians are very highly trained and experienced in marble, granite, travertine, saturnia, limestone, slate, coral stone and more.  We use a no-dust wet diamond polishing process that creates a like new finish on the surface enabling stone to polish to its original luster.  At Marble Kare USA® we keep comprehensive computerized client work date records that allow us to track work that has been done as well as when the next maintenance is due… eliminating another thing that our clients would otherwise have to remember or be concerned about. 

Our sister company, Marble Kare Products has formulated, developed, tested and currently sells a complete line of cleaning & maintenance products specifically created to be safe and effective on polished marble and equally efficient on all other natural stone tile and other masonry surfaces. Years of industry experience were drawn upon to create this specialized product line and two years of extensive field testing using industry service professionals further insures that MK Products are the finest, safest and most effective products in the marketplace today.

We are experienced in the exclusive care of marble and natural stone, for both residential and commercial clients. Stone is composed of natural minerals which can be easily damaged if cleaned with improper products. It is very important when cleaning polished marble and natural stone surfaces, that safe and surface- specific products are used to ensure proper cleaning.